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Sweeten Your Coffee with Rock Sugar Stir Sticks

Rock sugar stir sticks are a great way to add some extra sweetness to your coffee or tea as they slowly dissolve in your drink. Our quality stir sticks are made from premium ingredients that are sustainable and organic and… Read More

Pink Praline Nuts Sweeten Any Dessert

Pink praline nuts are a specialty item from Lyon, France and they can be used in a number of different desserts to add extra sweetness or as a main ingredient. They can be used as a desert flavouring or they… Read More

Pesto from Scratch with Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are an essential, fundamental ingredient for any pesto sauce. At Almondena we are proud to present buttery, sweet, crunchy and nutty pine nuts that outshine any others. They have a remarkable distinctive taste that make any pesto come… Read More

Make Gelato with Premium Pistachio Paste

Ask any gelato lover what his favourite flavour is and many will answer “pistachio” without a moment’s hesitation. Pistachio gelato leaves an impressive taste on the palate and when prepared correctly it can outshine other gelatos and leave them appearing… Read More

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