our Commitment

Prosper gluten-free flour was crafted with the intention of giving those with gluten-free preferences the ability to go on their own culinary adventure with ease and peace of mind. Gluten-free options can be difficult to find in everyday life at restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries. But with Flourish, the possibilities are endless and delicious gluten-free creations can be made easily, by substituting other flours with Prosper Gluten-free!

Prosper gluten-free flour is made for those in the gluten-free community who have ever felt left out of enjoying a baked treat or piece of bread, because it did not fit in with their dietary preference. Now, the most difficult part of eating delectable baked goods is deciding which recipe to make! Prosper gluten-free flour is a wholesome, versatile substitute for every-day cooking, and it is our hope that everyone can enjoy the vast possibilities of cooking and baking, gluten-free!

Benefits of Gluten-Free

What is gluten?

Being gluten-free is becoming much more prevalent in our society, so the question is often raised: “What is gluten”. Simply put, gluten refers to particular proteins found in some grains (wheat varieties, rye, barley, triticale) that act as a sort of adhesive, binding food together, and providing the elasticity in dough.

Increasingly, many people are experiencing adverse reactions to ingesting foods that contain gluten. Whether diagnosed with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, foods that contain gluten should be avoided which is not a simple task in current society.

Prosper gluten-free flour is made with a natural, premium blend of gluten-free ingredients- making it a wholesome and adaptable substitute for other flours. Prosper aims to make the off-limits, on limits again! Flour is a very prevalent ingredient, and with it comes gluten. Luckily, with Prosper gluten-free, all your favourite recipes can be made gluten-free with a simple substitution. Ditch that all-purpose for Prosper, and enjoy the treats you used to have to do without.